Company Profile

The founder of the company Nick Halikiopoulos (Chalikiopoulos), is an experienced professional of the hotel & tourism industry who is able to apply innovative practices from around the world to create products and services that meet the needs of contemporary travellers.

Nick Halikiopoulos is a Brooklands College Weybridge graduate, holding a degree in Business Administration and a CIPS from Thames Valley University Ealing, both in the UK. He has a strong track record in the tourism and travel industry being responsible for the development and implementation of strategic plans for the profitable growth of the distribution units as well as responsible for the purchasing procedures and contract agreement for the major T.O’s such as Thomas Cook, First Choice, Thomson and Libra Holidays.

He has generated a range of dynamic projects such as:

  • The development of a range of differentiated product.
  • The establishment of a pilot scheme of T.O’s own handling agent.
  • The expansion of T.O’s portfolio to other destinations (Egypt, Spain, USA & Far East).
  • The creation and implementation of a computerised contracts package.
  • Sole responsibility for the development and delivery of the Scandinavian programme in Greece.
  • The development of a range of differentiated products including AI, Family and Castle units.
  • The involvement in the establishment of the Greek based operation for the above mentioned Tour Operators.
  • The training and continuous assessment of all staff involved and develop systems that can assist in executing their duties.