COVID-19 Update

Dear customers,

At CNic Hotels, we are here to ensure that your stay with us is safe and carefree. Thus, in accordance with the Government Health authorities’ guidelines for COVID-19, CNic Hotels in order to enhance your safety has implemented the following protocols:


  • Our smiles cannot be hidden so we have installed a protective screen at the reception area and provided antiseptic gel.
  • To ensure social distancing during check-in/ check-out we have displayed safety signs on the floor.
  • For thorough cleaning of the rooms, check-in is at 15:00 while check-out is until 11:00.
  • The concierge service will not available to avoid personal contact.
  • Electronic payments are recommended.
  • Non-invasive, touchless temperature measuring devices will be in place.


  • Guest files will be kept (address, phone, email) in case of the possible need for tracing to protect the public health.
  • The key-cards are disinfected after each use.
  • POS terminals are disinfected after each use.
  • Complete medical kit available at the reception.
  • Guests will be informed of any additional changes to our services provided throughout their stay.


  • Rooms are disinfected and deep cleaned with emphasis on frequent contact points.
  • A steam device is used to disinfect fabric surfaces.
  • Decorative objects are removed from the rooms.
  • According to the Greek Health Protocol, daily housekeeping service has been postponed. The desired frequency of cleaning & linen change is determined by the customer.
  • Non-residents are not allowed to enter customer rooms.


  • Antiseptics gel is available for guests and all staff in the public areas.
  • All public areas frequently cleaned with a disinfectant with particular emphasis on frequent contact points.
  • Appropriate social distance markings in all public areas.
  • A steam device is used to disinfect fabric surfaces.
  • Guests are recommended to avoid using public toilets.
  • The cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners based on the relevant regulations.


  • We encourage guests to use the stairs.
  • The maximum number of persons allowed is indicated at the entrance of the elevator.
  • Encouragement of elevator use only by customers staying in the same room
  • Hand antiseptic available at the elevator entrance
  • Elevator buttons are disinfected at regular intervals during the day.


  • Antiseptic gel is available at the entrance of the restaurant.
  • The operating hours are based on the hotel occupancy.
  • Appropriate layout of tables and seats in the restaurant and bar are according to the permitted number of people in the premises.
  • Restaurant and bar tables are disinfected after each use.
  • At our hotel, food preparation is done by trained staff adhering to HACCP principles.


  • The sunbeds and umbrellas have a certain distance from each one and cannot be moved according to safe distancing protocols.
  • The sunbeds and tables are disinfected after each use.
  • Maximum number of people in the pool is indicated at the pool area.


  • Our staff have received specific training in compliance with the new COVID-19 Sanitary Protocols.
  • Employees are provided with protective equipment.
  • Increased cleaning of staff working areas.
  • Information signs in employee areas.
  • Desktops and shared objects are disinfected during the shift and at end of each shift.


  • All suppliers follow appropriate Health Protocols.
  • Suppliers are not allowed to enter the Public areas.
  • Our hotel implements a management plan in case of a suspicious case, visitor or employee based on the Health Protocol of our country.

The management of our hotel is committed to the full implementation of the Greek sanitary operation protocol of hotels and has selected approved disinfectant and bactericidal disinfectants appropriate for SARS-CoV-2.

We look forward to welcoming you with safety and we wish you a wonderful stay!